Our Story

The youth ministry has seen a great deal of change over in Westbury's 52 years of existence. At times, its student attendance numbered into the hundreds. Other times, Wednesday night activities were lucky to see twenty students. As Westbury's youth ministry navigated the ebbing and flowing waters of church culture and emerged as the Branch we know today, God's love and faithfulness have been steady, evidenced by the hundreds of teens and families whose lives have been positively impacted by the Branch. Now, the Branch continues to grow and become a thriving community of believers for teenagers and their families. Watch this video to learn more about the Branch.

Our Vision

The Branch has emerged into a ministry whose focus isn't merely teens, but teens AND their families. Our vision is summed up in something that we call "the Win". Here's our win: 

We want to develop healthy families by:

  • equipping and encouraging parents to biblically disciple their children
  • providing students with opportunities for further discipleship, biblical competency, corporate worship, community and serving others. 

In other words, we want to focus just as much on ministering to parents as we do ministering to youth. It is this vision that we believe establishes the Branch as a biblical, effective model of youth ministry that operates within the overall vision of Westbury Baptist Church as well as Christ's intention for the Church at large.