Our Parents

Parents are friends. Coaches. Tutors. Volunteers. PTO officers. Chauffeurs. Teachers. Ministers. Confidants. Graders. Trainers. Yellers. Criers. Prayer Warriors. Counselors. And so much more than could ever be written down on this small webpage. Long story short, the Branch wants to do everything it can to empower and equip parents to raise their children with a real knowledge and experience of God's love for them. Why? Because parents are the single most influential figures in the lives of their children...period. They are, in a word, indispensable. So we figure, if we can pour into them with the same passion as we do teens, we're doing well. Scroll down to check out some of the way that we try to pour into our parents.  

Stephen's Parent Blog

So Stephen, the Minister to Youth, actually writes a blog for just Branch parents. Thing is, he's pretty absent-minded and hardly ever updates it. But he's going to start getting better about that. Then, maybe parents will start checking it out a little more. Then everyone will be happy!

Check it Stephen's blog here